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This section of the website contains interesting, informative and (hopefully) entertaining stories and articles about the care and feeding of those vintage Thunderbirds. If you have information to share, please send it via email to webmaster@buffalothunderbirdclub.org. You will find the newest entries at the top of the page.
Your webmaster spent some time this winter exploring the "buff or not to buff" question when it comes to swirl marks in vintage black paint.  Here are the results.
Tech Tip - To find if you have a drain on your battery, disconnect the POS battery cable from the battery terminal and place a Continuity Probe Test Light between the end of the cable and the battery terminal.  If you have an electrical drain, the light will be on. Start removing a fuse at a time and see if the light goes out. If it does then you know that whatever is draining the battery is on that circuit. Look up what is on that circuit and you will then be able to isolate the problem.
Here's a Hot Rod magazine article from June 1958  Introducing the Squarebird.
Our first submission is a scan of a Hot Rod magazine article from January 1958 about transplanting a Chrysler 454 V8 into a '55 Babybird!
More to come...